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Spanish, English, Portuguese and French

Cano Rivera Law

Expanding Opportunities

Cano Rivera Law is dedicated to assisting families and individuals in their immigration needs. Our mission is to guide and help our clients throughout their immigration process to obtain favorable results while providing personalized and efficient service. We understand that the immigration process can be stressful and complicated, which is why we adapt our approach to serve each client’s needs. Our vision is to serve foreign nationals with their immigration needs worldwide while providing individualized and efficient service to each client.

Our Values


We know that the immigration process is life changing; therefore, we aim to understand each client’s story by learning about their background, goals and experiences to effectively assist them with their immigration needs.


We believe that as attorneys, we must be accessible to our clients; therefore, we value direct communication with our clients by keeping them informed throughout each step of the process. We also aim to provide affordable services.


We seek to achieve favorable results for each client; therefore, we produce quality work by focusing on each case’s strategy and details. Every case is reviewed several times to ensure accuracy.


We value transparency and integrity; therefore, we are honest with our clients throughout their process by ensuring that they understand the steps and possible results in their case. We never guarantee any specific outcome or result.


We understand that working together is key to achieving the best possible results for our clients; therefore, we work as a cohesive unit and ensure that our clients are involved throughout the process because we consider them to be a part of our team.

Cano Rivera Law - Expanding Opportunities
Our goal is to obtain favorable results for all of our clients
Business Plan

Preparation of business plans for immigration purposes

Guidance on Tourist Visa Applications/B-2 visa


Translations for immigration
(Spanish, French and Portuguese)

Notary Services in North Carolina

Classes for Naturalization Exam

Jail Visits (Visits to Detainees in Detention Centers)

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