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Spanish, English, Portuguese and French

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We assist qualified foreign workers and businesses who seek to employ foreign nationals in the U.S. in the filing of work and employment visas. We cover a wide-range of work visas, including employee transfers, specialty and seasonal workers as well as visas for individuals who have extraordinary abilities in the sciences, arts, education business and athletics. We also work with foreign investors and business owners in obtaining investor visas to live and work in the U.S. These cases may include:

  • Investor and Trader visas (E-1 visa and E-2 visa)
  • Visa for Employee Transferees (L-1A and L-1B Visa)
  • Visa for Specialty Workers (H-1B visa)
  • Visa for Seasonal Workers (H-2B)
  • Visa for Extraordinary Ability (O-1 visa)
  • Visa for Athletes, Artists and Entertainer Groups (P-1 visa)
  • TN visa for Canada and Mexico

During consultation, the attorney will advise as to whether there is a path to a permanent residency through an employment-based application.

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