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Spanish, English, Portuguese and French

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Immigration Services and Legal Assistance


naturalizationWe advise and assist clients who wish to become US Citizens to ensure their process in complete and accurate. We also offer orientation for our client’s naturalization interview and test. Some ways to obtain US Citizenship include:

  • General Naturalization (N-400)
  • Naturalization through marriage to a US Citizen
  • Application for Certificate of Citizenship (N-600)
  • Naturalization under the Cuban Adjustment Act and for Asylees
  • Naturalization for Members of the Armed Forces
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Business Plan

Preparation of business plans for immigration purposes

Guidance on Tourist Visa Applications/B-2 visa


Translations for immigration
(Spanish, French and Portuguese)

Notary Services in North Carolina

Classes for Naturalization Exam

Jail Visits (Visits to Detainees in Detention Centers)

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